Our History

The company began operations in 2010, and they have since turned its attention to shrimp production. We currently operate three farms, each of which has a capacity of 500 hectares.

Grupo Vasco is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards possible while also sustainable. This means that we use environmentally-friendly methods and manage our resources responsibly.

Grupo Vasco is committed to providing premium quality shrimp by maintaining high standards through its “Shrimp Improvement Program,” which is run by a team of experts who have scientific backgrounds and project management experience and maintain strict quality control at all times.

This helps to continuously improve the quality of shrimp consumption by offering consumers a choice of shrimp that meets the highest quality standards and is responsibly and sustainably produced.

Our Guideline

  • Gvascos have low-density semi-expanded production systems used in shrimp production. These systems typically contain fewer than 15 animals per square meter. We are popular because we can produce high-quality shrimp through low investment in producers’ land and infrastructure.
  • There are no chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers used.
  • The operations are governed by environmental and social responsibility plans.
  • There is no use of antibiotics or growth hormones.
  • It’s safe to say that this area is free of genetically modified animals (GMOs).

According to the following standards, all feed and fertilizers are made from organic sources.


  • The fishing industry offal can make up no more than 30% of total protein in animal products.
  • There will be no use of natural or synthetic pesticides (plague control)
  • The use of energy sources should be responsible.
  • The environmental impact is constantly monitored and evaluated.
  • The harvest and management of organic aquaculture are guided by organic principles.

Our Project Management and Planning


Our Company Type

Grupo Vasco Company is dedicated to the production of Shrimp through pools located in the province of Guayas.
Shrimps packing

Our Project Monitoring

It will permanently monitor the Grupo Vasco project from the beginning through budget audits and permanent technical controls.
Shrimp Storage

The Administration

The administration will be directed by David Eguiguren as General Manager and legal representative of the Company.
shrimps processing

Our Distribution of Roles and Responsibilities

The Board of Directors will be responsible for dictating the Company’s policies, which will go hand in hand with investment and expense goals and budgets for the General Management. The General Manager will abide by the guidelines given by the board of directors and will be responsible for complying with them. As well as seeing for the employees and the fulfillment of budgets. The other managers and middle positions will be aligned with the Management guidelines.
shrimp pools

Our Shareholder

The shareholders of the Company are people with experience in the shrimp sector, and in their different activities, they are:

Our Certifications

As a result, we are certified and consistently supply our customers
and consumers with safe, dependable products!
Human Rights Education Training

Achievement (2001-2002)

Global G.A.P

Achievement (2004-2005)

Certificate of Appreciation

Achievement (2007-2009)


Achievement (2011-2013)

Catia Training

Achievement (2015-2017)

marceline andreson

Achievement (2020-2021)